Camping in Marand

Camping in Marand

Beautiful Azarbaijani Dance in south of the plains of Marand, Mishoo Mountainous Region


Video clip 1:






Performers: Jalil Kardan, Ali Bagheri, Salman Sorkhmard, Ebrahim Faramarzian, Aziz pourali, Mohammad Rafatpanah

Head & Director: Tohid Hajibabaei





Aylan Azerbaijani Dance on the occasion of Chaharshanbe Suri (An Iranian festival celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday before Nowroz (The Iranian New year))

Mandagarana Castle, Marand, (back to about 6000 years ago)


Video clip 2 :


Performers: Salman Sorkhmard, Aziz Pourali and Mohammad Rafatpanah

Special thanks to Parmida Atelier

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