Success of Aylan Azerbaijani Dance kids group during Bulgaria 2016 Ritual Competitions

Aylan Group, managed by Tohid Hajibabaei, and representing Iran, was given gold medal, Orpheus Statuette, Obzor’s Mayor Diploma of Honor, during 2016 World Folkloric Competitions International Festival.

This festival, held from August 18, 2016 till August 28, 2016, by European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF) and municipalities of Nessebar, Obzor, and Burgas cities, gathered together ritual artists of all over the world, where more than 2,000 ritual motions artists, musicians and singers in 110 teams from a variety of countries performed during 10 consecutive days, and Aylan Azerbaijani Ritual Group from Iran managed to receive gold medal and Urfius Statuette.

Evidently, Aylan Group from Tehran had participated in this event with 10 of our art-performing children, membered by Aref Mohammadi, Radman Moshfeghian, Ilia Fazeli, Amirhossein Ghanbarabadi, Amirali Ghanbarabadi, Aria Fakhri, Sourena Maleki, Asam Bornaei, and Aytan Abbasvand.

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