First prize

 Gold cup and diploma as the first rank and special jury prize cup for preserving local ritual were given to Aylan Azerbaijani Dance Ritual Group, managed by Tohid Hajibabaei during Russia 2016 Ritual World Championships. According to HonarOnline, Russia 2016 Ritual Dance Festival, held in St. Petersburg from November 11 and November 25, was attended by 70 teams from many countries, such as Iran, Russia, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Armenia, Belarus, Austria, Kazakhstan, Estonia, and Bulgaria, who performed on the stage in a variety of age groups within consecutive couple of days, while 23 teams with the scores reached the finals. Art & Ritual final competitions were held on November 15, 2016, during which Aylan Azerbaijani Ritual Dance Group from Tehran, representing Iran, was quite successful. These competitions were judged by famous jury members from a variety of countries such as Professor Vera Siova, and Professor Vladimir Blaio.

The ritual performances of Tehran Aylan Group, membered by Mohammad Naghizadeh, Touraj Yousefi, Ashkan Ali Fam, Peiman Mahyar and Reza Alipour, and managed and directed by Towhid Haji Babaei, who demonstrated a rich, ritual, and traditional Azerbaijani culture of Iran, were welcomed by Russian and other nations fans of art.