ISNA’s interview with Master Tohid Hajibabaei during 19th International Ritual and Traditional Festival (2019)

ISNA’s interview with Master Tohid Hajibabaei during 19th International Ritual and Traditional Festival (2019)

ISNA’s interview with Master Tohid Hajibabaei:

A ritual performance director talked about the role of traditional.


Aylan Group, directed by Tohid Hajibabaei has attended in rituals and games sector of 19th International Ritual and Traditional Festival, who will perform gams and ritual motions of Azerbaijan.

“It’s the third time that our group participates in traditional and ritual festival. We perform Azerbaijani ritual motions and folkloric dance as a certain part of Iran and Azerbaijani people culture” said Hajibabaei during his interview with ISNA regarding Aylan’s participation in ritual and traditional festival.

“This time, we are going to have a stronger performance in comparison to the past and we do our best to keep alive perform publicly the rituals, traditions and customs of Azerbaijan.” He added.

“Also we have performed in several international festivals, including but not limited to France, Vienna, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, etc. and grabbed first prize in six festivals” said the director of “Atisma, Yalli, Ain Tovlama” ritual play.

“This festival, which is held bi-annually, is a quite good opportunity for us as a ritual group, and enables us to show what we can do. It is also quite helpful for protecting and introducing such plays” he stated concerning the role and effect of ritual and traditional festival effect on protecting games and ritual motions.

Saying “I consider ritual and traditional festival as the most famous domestically held folkloric festival.”, and added: “more similar festivals are held internationally, I believe we should care more about this festival and invest more on that as a means to keep alive rituals and culture of Iran.”

“We should go deep into the villages to perform such games and motions. However, some games and traditions in Tehran date back to two centuries ago, but nowadays children in cities and villages are more in fond of computer games and these games are fading among children. Therefore, we should do something to help these games regain the previous position.’ added Hajibabaei in another part of his interview, upon emphasizing that ritual and traditional games are more related to our ancient culture, traditions and customs.

“These games and plays are not solely for entertainment and pleasure, but are an important part of culture and past of the people of a city. Ritual motions and dances have come out of the hearts of people, each related to a certain tradition (thanksgiving, dancing, rejoicing)” he continued, emphasizing that ritual motions and games must be identified, recorded and preserved.

 “In case a proper basis and atmosphere together with promotional support on holding these ritual motions are provided, we shall definitely have more public welcoming, as the people are more pleased with those traditions and customs they have grown with as a certain part of their culture in comparison to a culture originated in another country” expressed this director of ritual plats on public welcoming for ritual and traditional plays.

“I only wish to see we have more support. Azerbaijani dance is both an art and a kind of sport. I hope that we will be more successful in 19th festival.” Hajibabaei said at the end.

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