World Dance Day challenge

World Dance Day challenge

Aylan group challenge on the occasion of World Dance Day


Aylan Group Launched this challenge in its Instagram Page during 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, to commemorate World Dance Day.

Some 200 Aylan artists and trainees participated in this challenge by sending their Azerbaijani Dance video clips. The results and names of wonners after polling votes were as per the following:

1-Pedram Mohammadi: 1056 votes

2-Paniz Mohammadi: 770 votes

3- Aref Mohammadi: 219 votes

4-Yashar Ghasemi :199 votes

5- Yalda saeli: 188 votes

6- Sara Saeli: 185 votes

7- Mohammad Naghizadeh : 174 votes

8- Sevda Saeli: 159 votes

9- Mani Mirzaei: 153 votes

10- Radman siyadati: 138 votes

11-n Sohrab Sadeghizadeh: 125 votes

12- Medisa Jamaati: 119 votes

13- Reza seyedi: 116 votes

14- Parsa Sutanmohammadi: 98 votes

15: Hadi Fathollahi: 95 votes




Video clip:

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