Camping in Azad kuh

Camping in Azad kuh

climbing and Dancing, An energetic life style.


ٍEnergetic Azerbaijane Dance of Aylan Group after conquest of the summit (Dancing at altitude 3800m )

Azad Kuh is one of the highest peaks in the central Alburz Range in Mazandaran province north of Iran.

Elevation: 14,288′ (4,355 m)

Video clip:


Performers: Reza Alipour, Hadi Fathollahi, Hadi Teymouri, Amir Alami, Sohrab Sadeghizadeh, Yashar Ghasemi, Mehdi Bahadori

Head & Choreographer: Tohid Hajibabaei 

Special thanks to our friend Ariya Saadatmand for surprising us with his Helishot 🙂

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